CrossFit Saint Simons is happy to be the home of SpinalFit.


You move everyday…but how well do you move? As you get older, your body adapts to whatever level of fitness you require of it. Whether you are carrying groceries, gardening in your yard or simply playing with your children or grandchildren, your daily activities require certain basic maintenance. SpinalFit is a great alternative for individuals with limited mobility to help regain and maintain an active lifestyle.

Designed by Dr. Phillip Carlyle, SpinalFit incorporates and emphasizes functional movements and spinal exercises designed to strengthen the core muscles safely in a group setting. SpinalFit is an effective way to improve your range of motion and increase the overall health of your spine and your day-to-day life.

It’s your life…enjoy it!

Classes are offered three times a week. Please call CFSSI at 912-226-3925 or Carlyle Wellness Center at 912-638-5909 for more information or click here to check out their website.