CrossFit product helps you count rounds during a workout.

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RXchips today announced the first ceramic chip designed to count CrossFit rounds during a workout (WOD) and keep track of personal records (PRs). 

The RXchip is 1.5” in diameter and comes in blue, red and yellow. RXchips are sold as a set of 15 or 30 to individual CrossFit athletes. The chips are designed with bright colors to stand out on a dark gym floor. The unique part about the RXchip is that it’s blank on one side. This blank side works as a mini journal or mini white board. You can write with a permanent marker to track PRs or a dry erase marker for temporary use.

Many CrossFit athletes use different techniques/items to count their repetitions or complete rounds during a WOD. Pennies, plastic poker chips, paper and pen, chalk markings on the rubber mats, dry eraser board and marker, etc… RXchips is the to solution to these counting techniques. Using RXchips eliminates the mess of using chalk on the gym floor and saves time compared to writing each round on a piece of paper. We find most people use chalk since it’s readily available at gyms, but gym owners are stuck with having to clean the messy chalk marks.

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